GAD, (Guha Anubhav Dhyaan), …WHY do Dhyaan


This is the second post, part of a series on Dhyaan, under:

My Method Verbalises certain points, which I have Not seen in other teachings of Dhyaan.

[This series of posts are Intended FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR PEACE, and Other Higher Things. As such, these are not just for Reading, but for Systematic Study and Practice.

A Great number of Links are offered to connected subjects. Anyone who is interested in GAD will Have to go through All of them, for Best Results.

Terms, like GOD and man, Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, Dhyaan, Yoga, Dhaaran, etc, might mean differenet things in various systems. These links will help You see Just they mean in GAD.]


Jyoti Ashram has always been open to People in Need. Among the many who stayed with us, one Manju takes special place. Here she is!


Of note are Manju being So Full of Life; and the Closeness We can in this little family. The Girl holds her mother; the Mother, carrying her smaller child, has her hand on Manju, and even the little boy, less than a year old (meaning: he could not have been given instructions on ‘posing!’), is in loving contact with his elder sister! Rublev’s Trinity in Real Life!

For this post, Manju will be remembered for her words: ‘Naan UNNA Vida Matten,’ and the Way she spoke these. As she used to go dashing around the place, she would catch hold of me by my leg tightly, and say that. And the Way she said that was Poetical, Musical. You would enjoy it when I speak it to You!

And the Meaning of those words is this: “I will Not let You go!

Just as Manju and Other Children have Expressed their Sentiments, Adults Love, and Express theirs. God Loves, and Expresses His Love for Us, Each and Every Moment. It is Only that We have not Realized that. Our Heart has Not Accepted it.

How many Retreats have We attended? How many of them began with the theme of the Love of God? Why so many times the Same point?

Father and Son Hug

When I was searching for pictures of Fathers hugging their children, I chose this one, because this shows a Grown-up sort of Boy. God is Not Loving Just Toddlers. And He Loves Us Just as Madly, or, More Madly than this.

But We, on the Other hand, are more like this:

Son Runs from Father

The Handsome Young Man in Tie and Full Pants would rather Play BY himself. Just like Us.

The Question is: “Have We Realized… ‘These’ Things?” Namely, Love, Peace and Joy, to begin with?

Naturally, once it is explained, We can Understand the meaning of the words: ‘Naan Unna Vida Matten,’ or any other. But Does it make Our Hair Stand on End? Make Us Breathless? Bring Tears to Our Eyes out of Sheer Joy? At Every Memory?

How Much and How Well have We Experienced the Love of God in That Way?

The Love of God is something that has to be Experienced, and Realized. The Same goes for Peace-that-Passes-Understaning, God as Our Father and We as His Children, and one of the very last graces, Joy. All these, and Many Other Realities of the Bible have to be Experienced, and Realized.


Dhyaan is the Best Way and Method to Realize the Deepest Realities. That is Why We should do Dhyaan.


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