Man Runs at 30 Kmph in India! …With Additions

As the Original post is more than a Week Old, am giving the Addtions right at the beginning.

…Only Slowly did I realize that the fall I had so foolishly taken was Not an Ordinary one. It was SO Different from just falling flat on Your face. In my case, Gravity and Momentum Slammed me down, from a train that was moving, (at my estimate) at some 30 Kmph.

As I have already shared with You that I have been diagnosed a Heart Patient, with something wrong with one Valve, and that: “Once a Heart Patient, Always a Heart Patient,” …I now think that fall should have precipitated another Heart Attack. Which didn’t happen.

Nor have I suffered Concussions. Which makes it Two Big Miracles in a Bunch.

I am Very Much Aware of my Unworthiness. My Angers, my Lethargy, Getting Discouraged Ever So Easily, and so many other things.

In Spite of All these, If HE has found fit to save me for another day, it just shows that He has Plans for me. …I am moved.

Let me add the sharings of a Very Young fellow Traveller, one Amrit, and his experiences with similar situations, and also his Great Understanding.

We are All Under His Protection. He is Happy with Good and Simple Hearts. And Right Wins, as the Festival of Deepaavali (Diwali), proclaims.

Diwali greetings

Happy Deepaavali to All!


The Original post is below:

The Truth would be: “Man Tries to Run @ 30 Kmph.” And Miserably Fails. Madame Momentum is the Winner in this case!

I have Never been an Athletic type of person, …Yet like to Get down from Buses Before they come to a Full Stop! (Laugh!) 😦

I tried the same recenty from a Train, Very Foolishly, because I had TOTALLY Underestimated its speed as it was Cruising along the platform. Now that I think of it, it must have been moving at all of 30 Kmph. …So I spepped down, and Madame Momentum took care of the Rest. Haha! So, till I see You in the Next post…

After the fall 1!

As I looked Yesterday!

Self Today!

As I look Today!

No Fool like and Old Fool! Yuck.

But, Thanks be to God Who Protects, Children, Fools And Old People, Nothing much has happened to me. Am at work, Troubling You all in my Grand Old way, As Usual! Haha! Regards. πŸ™‚


    • My Dear Shiva,

      Thank You for Your Love and Concern.

      As regards Your Father’s demise:

      First of all, my Hearty Condolences to You and the Family.

      In Your Poem, the words, ‘You distributed it like a fool,’ made a deep Impression. The words sound harsh, but brings out Your Father’s Love and Heart Very Well.

      Yes, he had indeed distributed it very liberally, it would seem, as seen in the large gathering at the ‘Smaranotsav,’ the number of speakers and the things that they have shared.

      Also, ‘Everybody wanted to talk a few words of my Dad, and so it began at around 4pm and continued up to 11 pm.’ Awesome!

      My Love and Regards to You and the Whole Family.

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  1. That was inspiring my good friend! It inspired me to write rather un poetically and un equivocaly and un sparingly and un assumingly, Don’t do that again…I once stepped on a rotte n log I knew 99.999.999 % would not hold me from the rushing waters below the thin ice 15 feet below.but there was the 1.111.111 percent right?:)

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  2. Swami you are!
    There was a widow in ancient times who lost her dying son one morning. She knew that a certain prophet was coming by though and told everyone who asked how she was doing that everything was fine. Sure enough the Prophet came by and restored life to the lad.
    This woman surely had fallen betimes to misfortunes we may not know of and it is not likely that she knew that her faith would become legend and inspire an immense crowd throughout the centuries to endure in faithdid not know that her faith; Nor could she have known that her life was brought to fruition by that example she set.
    you will meet her one day and she will hurry to greet you! Keep teaching, dear Swami, keep teaching!

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    • Thank You, my Dear Danny!

      Can’t wait to meet the Goodly Widow of Naim, her son, all the rest of the NT and OT folks, and All of You my Friends over there, in that Land that is Fairer than Day.

      Love and Hearty Regards to You and the Family, and Thank You Very much for the Encouragement. πŸ™‚


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