GAD and the Empty Cup

Empty Tea Cup

The Empty Cup is an Old Zen anecdote. The Master, while serving Tea, Keeps Pouring, so that the Tea gets Wasted. The Idea is to show that We Cannot Receive Unless our Minds are Free to Receive, Un-Encumbered by our Past.

The Main point is that We have to Forget, even Give Up, What We have Learnt Earlier.


Let me talk of


In Tamil cinema, I came across a comedy where a boy and girl work at the office; one wants tea and the other coffee, the office has one flask, and the office boy brings both the coffee and the tea in the same flask.

The Flask has to be Empty if You are going to Enjoy Your Drink.

The Mind has to be Emptied of all old teachings if it is to Grasp and Profit from New Teachings.

Christ, incidentally, had used the example of the Wine Skins, things of His time.

The Cup has to be Both Clean, and Empty. Half Empty will not do.

Dirty, and Half Empty Cups


GAD Demands the Same. That one comes to learn Giving Up what One might have learnt Earlier.


  1. many years ago there was a teacher who always wrote interesting things on the blackboard to cause students to think. she also had a pitcher on her table with water which reached the half way point. occasionally a student would ask, why the pitcher was there half full.
    one day a student came up to the teacher during a break and said, ” will you make the pitcher half empty?” The teacher replied, ” Do you mean half full?” the student said, ” no, it’s easier to drink when it is half empty.” haha.


  2. It’s so easy to forget the importance of emptying my cup. I know it’s necessary, but it’s not always easy to remember to put action behind that knowledge. I know that I could never fully appreciate something new and unhinging if my cup is full of experiences that would thwart or diminish the power of the new experience. Thank you kindly for this reminder. 😊✨

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