Animals are Better

Animals, that live in groups, like Lions and Elephants, even Monkeys, will Risk their Very Lives to Protect Not Just their Own Young, but Any and Every Young of theirs.

We human beings are proving to be worse off than our Animal Brethren.

Quite some time back I had shared a post in Facebook depicting the ISIS Auctioning off Children, – Victims of War, for Sex purposes. This caused nary a ripple. The first time, 14 views. When I left it Pinned at top, just 7. [For a post concerning ‘past lives,’ 174 views!]

Children auctioned for Sex by ISIS

This is that picture, and this is the reference to that story:

Today I came across another picture. I have named it: Cry. Cry, O World. So concerned about past lives. So concerned if elephants are killed. So Unconcerned if Infants are killed. Or Hungry.

Rapture in half a cup

This Half a Cup of what was Most probably left over makes this Child go into Raptures.


I Challenge You: Put this picture as Your Desktop/Laptop Wallpaper. Let it Eat into Your Soul. You will Not Lose. You will have Gained. Come on. Just Do it.

Examine How Much You Spend on Just Your Tea/Coffee, Your Clothes, Your Restaurant Expenses. Become More Generous. Even MORE than You are Just Now. You will not lose.


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