GAD, the First Steps, …Posture, etc.

The First Points. This present post and the previous one, namely, The Empty Cup, deal with the Pre-Requisites for the All Important Method of doing GAD.

Yama, Niyama, Asana and Praanaayaam – part of Any and Every form of Yoga, not just the Raja Yoga, will not be explained here in detail. You Can raise questions if You like, which will be Answered.

The Cleanliness, particularly of the Mind, is Vitally Important. When one is ‘burning’ over a particular problem, any attempt at Dhyaan would be a Waste of Time. Also, A person who is Unconcerned about what is happening to Others and to the World, an Apathetic person, is Not worthy of GAD.

Discipline and Determination are taken for granted as present for this post.

Most of Us Breathe Wrong. All the parts of Our Lungs are Not used. Most of Us are simply Wasting the Precious Oxygen, which is the Most Important source of Our Energy. As such Praanaayaam is a Must.

As Regards POSTURE, I believe that this is of the Least Importance. Too many try to sit it out, and have Harmed their Process of Dhyaan simply because of this. This is evident in finding So many senior Saadhaks Still Remaining saadhaks!

The Body is Not the one creating problems. The Mind is. The Mind Functions, Constructively or Destructively, In Spite of the Greatest Physical problems. Stephen Hawkins is Proof enough for that!

stephen hawkins

It is the Mind that has to be brought under our Control.



Not Anga Jayam.

We can Successfully do GAD Travelling to work in the Bus, and that too hanging onto the Straps!

Doing Dhyaan is Far More Important than having Observed the Correct Physicalities.


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