Man Runs at 30 Kmph in India! …With Additions

Have added some more thoughts to this. Please peruse. 🙂


As the Original post is more than a Week Old, am giving the Addtions right at the beginning.

…Only Slowly did I realize that the fall I had so foolishly taken was Not an Ordinary one. It was SO Different from just falling flat on Your face. In my case, Gravity and Momentum Slammed me down, from a train that was moving, (at my estimate) at some 30 Kmph.

As I have already shared with You that I have been diagnosed a Heart Patient, with something wrong with one Valve, and that: “Once a Heart Patient, Always a Heart Patient,” …I now think that fall should have precipitated another Heart Attack. Which didn’t happen.

Nor have I suffered Concussions. Which makes it Two Big Miracles in a Bunch.

I am Very Much Aware of my Unworthiness. My Angers, my Lethargy, Getting Discouraged Ever So Easily…

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