GOD, and man.

We shall start with the word: man. This applies to both the sexes, and is not gender specific.

Man has Many Great qualities, but for the intents of this particular post, man is a Most puny being.

From the beginning of Time man was in Awe, and even in Deathly Fear, of Fires, Floods and the Forces of Nature. Today he does not Appear to be afraid of these, but is washed away like Ants in the presence of a small boy watering his garden.

Japan Tsunami 2011

Photo: From internet. Japan Tsunami of March 2011.


There is Nothing that GOD Cannot do. We are Not speaking of moral issues, to have somebody say, “God Cannot lie,” etc. Here it is man’s Puniness and God’s Almighty Power.

There are some who hold that even God would need ‘something’ to fashion it into the Cosmos. So, according to them, if there existed, let us say, an Egg, then God, who also (pre)existed, can turn that into the cosmos. Thus these people concede not one, but Two pre-existent realities.

In this post We are calling The Ultimate Power, Who is Almighty, Who can Create out of Nothing, as GOD. In the Christian Faith this is called ‘Ex-Nihilo‘ Creation, (2 Maccaabees 7:28). And God Himself alone is Pre-Existent.

This is evidently a Christian viewpoint, and mine.

Yet, The BUDDHA had mentioned Three times That which is Unborn, Undying, and Un-Compounded, as against Us Human beings who are Born, Subject to Death and are Compound.

To recap, GOD is ALMIGHTY, and man is the puniest of creatures. Man is a Creature, a Created being, who himself cannot Create Anything out of Nothing.

GOD and man are Poles Apart.


It is said that GOD and man have the same Nature. Izzatso?

It is already Established in this post that as far as Might is concerned, man is Dust.

To use Anthropomorphic terms, man Will be taken into the Bosom of the Divine. That does not make him divine. The Burning Match stick and the Sun share the same Nature. But the Match stick cannot do what the Sun can. The Burning Match stick cannot Ignite and Obliterate at a distance of a Thousand miles. The Sun Can and Will.

The Sun

A Burning Matchstick


Christianity Already states that God looks upon Us as His Children. Which is what Jesus taught Us too, as in the famous prayer, the ‘Our Father.’

Another word that is used, applied and which confuses people is: ‘Holiness.’ The meaning of Holy is: Separate, the Other, the Totally Other. GOD is Totally the Other.


To Conclude:

GOD is Not man, and man is Not GOD.

They are Separate Entities.

16 thoughts on “GOD, and man.”

    1. Correctly speaking, my Dear Myra, Nobody can even understand God, because that would mean putting Him ‘under,’ and our standing over Him, in other words, putting Him under Us.

      But do We Really KNOW God, what He wants? If We say Yes, then Our problem becomes that We do Not Care. We don’t Care what God wants. We just do what we want.

      Loving God?

      If Money is less in the house, for the sake of the Family, We do not spend it on unnecessary things.

      We do not Love God. Because, Loving Him would mean Loving His Children too. All God’s Children. When millions are Hungry, suffering Injustice, We spend time and money on Unnecessary things, because We don’t consider Humanity as Our Family. We don’t Really Love God.

      Thus, We Can Not Understand God. …We Do Not Know God. And We Do Not Love God.

      All these are General statements, of course. There are those Who Love, but they are in the minority.

      Love and Peace to You.

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      1. Dear Swami, I don’t think if I really understood what do you main “Nobody can even understand God, because that would mean putting Him ‘under,’ and our standing over Him, in other words, putting Him under Us.” Do you main if we understand God that would mean if we understand God, we ‘re putting Him under us?
        I agree with you that I do not Know God that well. But I know He is almighty, His kind and merciful, He love me.
        For love God, I will try my best to meet your point.
        Thank you very much for teach me the right way towards my faith.
        Thank God for have me you met in the blog world.

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  1. Very well said Swami Yesudas. Man is hilarious. Man wants so much to relate to God, that we give God human emotions, thoughts, and actions. Angry God; vengeful God; picky and choosy God; My God prefers my religion over your religion God. The God we say we believe in, The One that is almighty, ever present and omniscient, is of course above all of these week human emotions. I believe that we were created from the elemental existence of God, but we are far from being all that God is. But if we focus on understanding what God may expect from us, and try our best to live up to that, I do believe that we can come closer to the One. ✨


    1. Belinda, Thanks for sharing Your thoughts. …The things that can be written about God will not end. But here, considering and trying to show that man Is NOT God, I have concentrated on the Enormity of the Power that God is.

      Seen from this point, the Enormity of power was not invented by Us. Puny man recognized the great powers of Nature, and I posit that Greater Powers exist than do in Nature.

      That should not be difficult to see. We are discovering that the Universe is vaster than can be imagined. We are only discovering its vastness, Not Imagining it. Power is Not Imagined. It is experienced.

      The Greatest Power has been called by some as Nature; some call it the guardians of the universe, …so many names. I use the Classical Name: God.

      The point of this post is to show that man is Nowhere equal to God. There are plenty who equate man with God. This post speaks against it.

      Regards. 🙂

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