Woman ‘Liberation’ has only Caused Misery???

I Reblog this NOT because I agree with this, but to present some Counter points. Below is what I had written in my latest comments in the conversation.


Thank You for all this, my Dear Imran. Actually, I have studied the Bible for about 40 years, and continue to do so. Your quotes are familiar ones.

According to Catholic Christian teaching, passages from the Bible are Not taken at face value. We are at a distance of 2000 years from the Originals, and Much gets distorted in translations.

On Understanding the Bible, have many posts, and I give You the link to One: https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/understanding-the-bible/

Countering Your seeming opinion that the Bible holds Women as Second class, I give You two links:

Woman is Man’s Equal:




Study, Knowing and Mysticism is More than Copy and Paste.

Hearty Regards. 🙂

Shake Your Conscience !


A society where men and women are bombarded with a variety of sexual imagery at all times of the day weather on televisions, billboards, newspapers, or magazines will lead inevitably to widespread sexual agitation.

Such societies implicitly encourage citizens to compete in latest fashions that vie to fetishize certain parts of their bodies. For women the pressure continues to be tall, slim and possess bee-sting lips alongside the almost seasonal pressures.

With opportunities abound for people to meet each other via speed-dating, singles nights lonely-heart ads, nightclubs. Add to this the fact that a number of Romantic Novels, soap operas and movies have established a widespread idea that it is possible to meet the love of one’s life while offering an espresso, catching a train, or attending a lecture on the history of 20th century armed struggle in Bolivia.

The sexual agitation excited can then be satisfied by a growing…

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