1966 Look Magazine Article: How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking

A very long article, which frankly I did not read beyond a few paragraphs. Firstly, I do not need Inputs. Secondly, the words Catholics, Jews, en masse, put me off.

Ok, some Idiot wrote that in Time. It is time to pass on. There are catholic, jewish, and every other kind of Idiots and Bastards on Earth, bishops, cardinals and popes included, and leading the fray, along with let us say many jewish Bankers. Let us Get down to Earth.

Sumo Sacerdote

Of course they deceive themselves. They haven’t changed Catholic thinking at all. A true Catholic would not be deceived so easily, and we aren’t. But they still occupy the buildings. The following is an article published in Look Magazine in 1966, if you can stomach it. It is an extremely detailed account of how a bunch of Jewish street-thugs, dressed up as Cardinals, Bishops and Popes, took control of the Vatican by using the myth of the Jewish ‘holocaust’ as a basis, along with a lot of sneakiness. The whole thing reeks. The author, an editor of Look Magazine, refers to Catholics as ‘Anti-Semites’ throughout the article.

There is not one word about the Anti-Catholicism of the Jews, or the many, repeated, real holocausts of Orthodox Christians and Catholics that the Jews, and their Communist and Protestant creations have been responsible for, or the untold amount of property that they’ve…

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2 thoughts on “1966 Look Magazine Article: How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking”

  1. yesudas, you have a way with words,now who are the Bastards? I have not found the Bastards yet who stole my book of “Hielander Humor and other hanging affenses”. 🙂 a recent post on my site said this 75% truth: A charge with no evidence may be dismissed with no evidence. hmmmm. Maybe if I surveil the Scottish Gallows, I may see the one who stole the book.
    ah, but he will be dead! so hard to dismiss. I will try. 🙂
    greetings to you, Swami!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You, Danny, for those thoughts. As for the ‘bastards,’ a word I would like to avoid, I do suppose You understand that I have applied it to my Dear bishops, cardinals and popes, and other such useless people.

      May I say that I find Your language just a bit difficult; not the words, but the contexts, perhaps.

      All the Best to You, and Regards. 🙂


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