Tell Me, What Have You Left The World?

That’s a Superb Question, my Dear SAS!

I won’t answer it. Modesty forbids me! 🙂 How is that for ‘Humility with a Hook!’

I leave it to my Friends to say whatever they want about me in this Regard.

But this is a Fantastic Question, one that Needs our Time and Our Thought! Happy Thinking! 🙂


PS: This has a Sequel, giving some Positives sides to ‘What We Leave!’ Please click here for that!

I Ruin Joy

Tell Me, What Have You Left The WorldLet’s say I’m dead, a big old bag of dead. What have I left the world?

My children, I have amazing kids, big deal. With their artistic and musical nature, they are providing nothing but joy to those around them.

Some tired furniture, a book collection and a seemingly fire-proof pile of credit card bills.

Have I actually done anything that makes a difference and makes a change? Is there anything other than my children that I will be remembered for? Is this what people start thinking when they shoot up a movie theatre? So many questions.

Other than a mass shooting, or dying while taking a shit, I need to come up with something for you to talk about long after I’m gone.

Tell me, what have you left the world?

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5 thoughts on “Tell Me, What Have You Left The World?”

  1. Nice and thoughtful article master Yesudas!
    I am reminded that twice in my lufe, I have gotten a letter from someone whose life I had touched. It is a moment mixed with pensive not and open surprise. Many times our lives are like the lowly caterpillar inching its cumbersome way to its restful and eventually cocoon. Who notices?
    when we see the expansive beauty of the Butterfly ( galaxies-our life) we may not look in retrospection at its humble beginning.
    Who on earth watches?
    Someone does! When you never expect it, some proof, maybe a letter, arrived telling you that you were being looked upon and gratefully so!
    As for you, my Dear Swami, Continue. Continue. Continue. You have indeed touched lives. When our goal is to change the world, we have power even in our rest- the cocoon.

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    1. Thank You for Your Thoughtful and Very Kind words, my Dear Danny.

      Your words prompt me to speak of the Unknown and Unacknowledged ways that perhaps ALL our lives touch and lift that of others.

      Yes, We Would do well to pay attention to the Positives, which we ‘Gurus’ tend to Ignore. Our general principle is, ‘Show the Faults, so that they can change it!’

      By Your kind and timely prompt, am going to post a new article in that vein.

      Regards, Love and All the Best to You too! 🙂

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