Adding to: What have You left the World?

This is sort of adding to SAS’ excellent question: ‘What have You left the World,’ as in my last post, click here to view.

One of my Friends, Danielsion, ( wrote some very valid points in his comments there. That prompts me to add these thoughts.

Am reminded of an Incident shared by a Nurse, which I had read long ago. She had been working for a Long time in an Old People’s Home. That is a Difficult job in itself. On top of it, there was an Old Person there who Never seemed to Notice whatever service was rendered her. The others might at least Look, but this Person did not even do that. Never.

Old Lady and Nurse

Photo from Internet, and has NO Connection with this article.


Am Sure You know about the SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE.

This Silent Old Lady somehow became a Significant Person for this Nurse. And Not getting any Positive Strokes from her, she started feeling Low, even Morose. So much so that she became Sick and had to go on Leave.

When She came back for Duty, the Old ‘Silent’ Lady, who would not even ‘Look,’ came Running to the Nurse, Embraced her, and asked, with Tears in her eyes: “Where were You all these days?”


And Not Just in Heaven.

Let Us Rejoice, and Keep On Doing Good and Useful things. Regards.

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