Let’s Become like Little Children


The Disciples came to Jesus, asking, ‘Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?‘ (Frankly, they had their hopes that one of them, – each one hoping so, – would be termed that.)

And this is What Christ replied: “Unless You Change and Become like Children, You will Never (even) Enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” (See Matthew 18:1-5).

And Heaven is not ‘The Pie in the Sky when You Die,’ it is the Daily Restful Sleep. Peace in Our Hearts.

An Example of the Need to become like Children.

IMP Bec little ch

Graphic from Facebook.

Not only the Children in the Foreground, sharing among themselves and Happy, but Also The Child with his mother, Concerned and Interested in Others. I concede that the mother might be busy with legitimate issues.

Let Us become like Little Children, without Malice, Corruption, or Intolerance.



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