Lit Lessons, Join or Die–In Which Begins Franklin Fridays

Folks, this is a Good Read! Kudos to Linda, and Lily, that Lucky Recipient! 🙂

[Below is what I had intended to write to Linda as my comment. But happily, had a change of heart, and have Reblogged it. (Catching on her style), Now I can Torture You You too can Enjoy her post! :)]

This is Just Great, my Dear Linda! After a few paragraphs, when I looked at the slider on the right of the screen, it was still in the high heavens! Usually I would have stopped and turned back, but Yours is a captivating account. I have even right clicked on the links to follow them through. Evidently I am not one of Your ‘commercial’ followers.

To confess, I do take a long time to visit my followers, as I start at one end alphabetically and work through my list. So pardon my delays in looking at Your posts. (This goes for ALL of You, Folks!)

As for my Virtues (I have been told I have some), and my Vices, (I have been told I have too many of these!), I shall not be doing any sharing, I, alas, do not have enough time to share! 🙂


Dear Lily June,

Remember way back when I made you learn a little about F. Scott Fitzgerald? I made the threat promise then that I’d occasionally teach you a little bit about literature. The bad news is this: I’m coming through on that torture gift today by throwing a little Benjamin Franklin at you (the only “Benjamins” I can afford to throw at you).

The good news is this: Once upon a time, when I was in training to become a teacher, I was given some pretty solid advice: Never assign something to your students you wouldn’t be willing to do/write yourself. I promptly ignored that advice, because ain’t no teacher got time to be writing her own essay assignments.

But now, as penance to my students of yore, I’m going to do what I assigned years ago. I’m going to endure enjoy a Franklinian lifestyle every Friday for…

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