Facing Off with Giants

What ‘Giants’ do to Children have Very Longstanding, and Severe Effects. YET THEY CAN BE OVERCOME.

I Share the Success Story of one of my Friends in the North.

He had undergone these horrors, yet managed to get and hold a well paying job. Yet for Long Years he was a broken man.

He has reached his Peace, at about the Age of post 50.

As Ann has said, ‘share the experience with one or more close friends,’ particularly those who can guide.

I share this to show that the Trauma CAN be overcome. Regards to You All.

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

WARNING: Graphic Images

  • Imagine yourself a young child – boy or girl – perhaps 4-6 years of age. You are innocent, tender. You stand less than 4 feet tall, weigh less than 50 lb…the size of a 17 month old striped bass. Despite that you are struck, slapped, and beaten with a belt. You have bottles thrown at your head, and cigarettes put out on your back. The adults at home alternately rage at you for breathing and forget to feed you.
  • Imagine yourself a 13 y.o. girl. You stand just over 5 feet tall, weigh just under 100 lb. Your body has started to change. You are alternately puzzled, proud, and self-conscious about this. Your stepfather has noticed, as well. Assuming he is of average build, he has a 10” height and 95 lb weight advantage over you. And he is a grown man.


Children regularly face off…

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