Maanangetta courts


Maanangetta (Maanam+Ketta) means WITHOUT HONOUR. Somebody who has lost All his/her Respect in Society. To call the Indian courts – Not that world courts seem much better – merely Shameless is not enough. They are Utterly Devoid of Honour. Maanangetta is the Worst word I find to use against anybody.

On December 16, 2012, a girl was brutally gang raped by 6 men, one of them, a minor. The girl died of her injuries after fifteen days. This case is known today as the Nirbhaya case.

The minor (17 at that time) was the one who was the Most Brutal of the lot, having also used Iron Rods in his Sexual Assault on her.


Brutal Rapist goes scot free thanks to Idiotic courts

Not only that. his identity has not been divulged. Every time he is brought out, he has  his face carefully covered, and some fat, soft men who are ‘supposed’ to be security, bringing him around. …I get the feeling that he is some close relative of some judge.

minor who had raped lovingly led forward by the police, with dignity

In Contrast to protecting this Swine’s Identity, the News Channels, right this morning as You would have it, while supposedly ‘Exposing’ the crimes of a Drug Lord and Murderer in Punjab, ‘Showed, Fully,’ the Faces and even the Names of Witnesses to the Crime, thus Endangering their Very Lives. HENCE, THE SAME HAS TO BE SAID HERE TOO: IDIOTIC NEWS CHANNELS.

Coming back to Covering the faces, and thus the Identities of these DASTARDLY CRIMINALS AND LOW LIFE, Society Never gets to know from whom it has to Save Itself!

criminal glares at You from behind his mask

And THESE LOW LIFE AND SCUM, getting thus Encouraged, Vent their Anger, Angst, against the Common People, and Glare at You from behind their ‘masks.’


I do not even Expect politicians and police to do Anything Good for the People. They are Scum. But the ‘Justice Department’ by its very definition has to guard the Well being of the Country.

By merely disbursing law, created and written for the wealthy, the judges have Lost All Honour. They are Beyond Shame. I would like to use the words from Indian Languages which describe such things better: Nirlajj in Hindi, Be-Haya in Urdu, and Maanangetta in Tamil and Malayaalam.

judges have Failed to give Protection to the Country, and are Aiding and Abetting Criminals. As earlier, I cannot wish that the members of their families suffer Rape. BUT I DO HEARTILY WISH THAT JUDGES BE BRUTALLY SODOMIZED. (The Idea being that they will learn the Barbarity of Rape from that.)

I hope some judge or magistrate, or better still, the Wife and/or Child(ren) of theirs, read this post, and learn the Absolute Contempt I have for them. I Spit on them. I hope the Families of judges do the Same on them.


13 thoughts on “Maanangetta courts”

  1. Looks like COS there! COS has been seen all around the world wearing a mask of some sort. COS gets a picture in the news when it does not make sense to. COS never has a name, never shows his face just lets horrible atrocity performed by him speak for him…well that and mainstream news speaking for him by protecting him. What does COS want?
    COS wants absolute chaos, mayhem and confusion.
    COS wants this because he is COS…CHILD OF SATAN!
    Now ALL YOU ” Justice” dogs, Swine, and COS beware!
    Change is coming and not the change you desire. Ironically JUSTICE is coming…YOURS

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  2. They way women are treated in some cultures around the world is astonishingly disgraceful. One recent news article told of a Muslim man raping an infant girl. He was not charged with anything and “to save honor” the mother murdered the child. My friend does Christian missionary work and teaches high school subjects to English speaking teens mostly on Romania. He did a stint in Morocco. His 19 year old secretary brought home a Bible and her Muslim father broke both her arms with a large iron frying pan. What savagery ! The US could really impact the Arab world by supporting women’s rights more aggressively. Of course here in the US there is also too much mistreatment of wives by violent alcoholic men. Often women are silent but if referred to the authorities the men are justly punished by the justice system.

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    1. Thanks for sharing all that, Carl.

      The problem is, the US, as I see it, often Championing many Good causes, and hampered in this by its own citizens!

      At the same time, hope what You say about the courts there ‘Justly’ punishing offenders. Here in India it does not happen. Alas.

      Regards. 🙂


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