Christmas Message, 2015

Christmas, or Any Festival, according to me, should bring to Mind Two things: Thankfulness, and Compassion.


At all Festivals, We feel We are Entitled to a Break, a Holiday, a ‘Letting down of Hair’ and Generally Relaxing. And that is Quite OK, and even Good. Go at it, With Thankfulness.


At the Same time, Festival time or Not, there are Millions Who Have to Work that day if they have to Eat, and they are Lucky if they get some Work.

Little Girl Flower seller

Little Flower Seller. Image from the Internet.

Festival Time or Not, Millions are without Home.

Particularly because it is Festival Time, some Nut Case might decide to throw a few Bombs, take a Machine Gun and raise hell.

And these Facts should keep Compassion in the Forefront of Our Hearts.

Particularly at Festival Times, give at least 20% of Your Earnings to the Poor. You will Not become poor by that. You will actually find Yourself Richer.


Have a Blessed Christmas.


  1. Thank you Yesudas…yes the traditions in most places are particularly unaware and unrealistic to the real meaning and reality of the season we are supposed to be celebrating… I’ve learned how to stand back. πŸ™‚ Have a beautiful new year! Kalisha

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