As I read this post by Jen, I wondered if this could have been prevented if her Parents had taught her about these situations.

But there is also the sad fact, whether the Children would be Ready to Listen.

I hope Jen’s sharings help Our Young Girls who step out into Life.

Jeneane Behme's Writings

We met you both in the park, a beautiful day in spring. My friend and I on a lark, a red car you were driving. Your best friend was there with you and you seemed so cute and nice. “Wanna ride with us you two?” Jan and I didn’t think twice.

Who was gonna sit with who? An awkward moment occurred.Couldn’t hope it would be true that you’d like me more than her. Jan’s always cute and funny; I always felt so ugly. “You sit here with me, honey.” Shocked, you were talking to me!

We talked, we laughed, we flirted, as you drove around and round. My attention was diverted from the unfamiliar ground. Down a shady road we went. I soon began to worry. Where were we at this moment? The park I hoped we’d hurry.

Near some woods you stopped the car, then you softly spoke to…

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