• My use of “eminence” was meant as an address of respect. Cozumel is a resort island off the coast of Mexico in the Carib. Argentina was simply my being sarcastic. I am a ‘professional’ sarcastic bastard. My being a bastard is an accident of birth. You see I got my mother pregnant a way back in the day to piss off my father.
        I study for the ministry a very long time ago. That destroyed my “faith.” My fault. However, I would have questions for you if you’re up for it. Questions about the nature of God. Questions about the nature of faith and calling. Questions about evangelical hypocrisy. Hmmm, I could suppose that I am one inquisitive bastard as well as sarcastic.

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      • NOW You are talking my language, my Dear Donzo.

        As for my objecting to ’eminence,’ it is too high fangles a word for me. I am not so big.

        So Okay, I understand about Your being sarcastic about Argentina and all.

        My Sympathies with regard to Your Birth. My Love to You. I would like to be Close to You.

        I would be Very ready to speak to You, particularly on matters of Faith.

        Oh, Sure, there is Too much of Hypocrisy, Greed and Muck in the ‘church’ leaders. I often write on these things. One example: https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/extreme-love-for-money-on-part-of-catholic-church/

        Do please stay in touch. Love and Regards to You. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Dear Swami:
        I shall stay in touch. I’d like to harangue you with questions about ‘peace’. I understand that to mean personal peace. That eludes me. St. Paul wrote about the “peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding.” I must be looking in all the wrong places…

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      • I shall be Very glad to remain in touch with You, my Dear Donzo!

        Yeah, Okay, so try Your Best to ‘harangue’ me! I would like that! ๐Ÿ™‚

        There were Crazy times when I had asked for ‘World Peace,’ as if at one go, on the basis of: ‘Ask Whatever You want,’ etc, in the Gospels! Took me some time to learn that that was not to be.

        But Personal Peace IS possible. And that is What I have, in spite of plenty of problems.

        I consider the ‘peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding’ as a Gift. That I do not have. Or maybe I have. I have not given it much thought.

        But it is Not necessary that We have that gift. 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 has shown, and was meant to show that EACH one of Us ‘has’ been given a gift.

        So do keep looking. I do look forward to Your sharings.

        Wish You Peace, Love and Happiness, my Friend! Love and Regards.:)

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