Nirbhaya, and the Minor


This post speaks on:

  1. Crimes by Juveniles,
  2. Their Rehabilitation/Punishment,
  3. Those who Make the Laws on these Subjects, and
  4. The Relevance of All these to Our Lives.


1.        The person celebrated as Nirbhaya was a Young Student, who had been Brutally Gang Raped in a moving bus in 2012, as a result of which she died.

The person who had been the leader of that group had not only Raped her, but had also Sodomized and Put Iron Rods into her Vagina.  he was a ‘minor,’ 3 months short, at that time, of the ‘legal’ age of 18 for crime in India. As such he was termed a Juvenile, and was sent to a so-called ‘Rehabilitation Centre.’

He was a Habitual Criminal, and neither his Parents nor his Village wanted him back.

Nirbhaya minor rapist name c

Graphic from Facebook, cropped. At right, the Parents of the Girl.

2.        ‘child rights activists’ have spoken much in favour of this ‘minor,’ emphasising Rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. Offhand this seems a Very Good Idea. The Success of such programmes, particularly in the West, is much cited.

But those who speak of the West in this regard just do not seem to know the very Chasm that exists between the Awareness, Development and Modes of functioning between them and India.

I consider these Ideas of Rehabilitation, etc, particularly in India, as Utterly Ridiculous. Those in Homes for Rehabilitation or in Jails are Ill treated, Abused Sexually, and Used as Servants of the Jailors, police officers and politcians, etc. Criminals have been known to say that they do not want to go back to Jail, but To find Anybody who has profited from India’s ‘rehabilitations’ is a Waste of Time.

The so called ‘supreme court’ of India played a Pontius Pilate and washed off its Sanctimonious hands by putting ‘the onus on lawmakers.’ These same courts, mind You, use their Suo Moto powers when it comes to the Colour of their Skin, as in the case of the Smoke in Delhi affecting the grand children of judges.

Hapless Citizens, guilty of minor crimes, unable to ‘Pay Up,’ land up and really Languish in Indian Jails, by the hundreds, if not thousands. Hardened Criminals are called as ‘Elder Brothers’ by the Guards, and have a Good time. For the Very rich who find themselves there, it is just a home away from home.

In all these, I want to show that in Jails or the so called Rehabilitation centres, Almost Zero Change for the Better takes place. But, One Hopes that by Strong Punishment, Other, Possible Attackers would think twice.

3.        Most of Our Law Makers would be Better termed Jokers. I have so many pictures on this, that I have decided to give them to You in a separate post, which would be a Picture Essay for which please click here. Yet One graphic for now.

Law maker making a new law

Here is a Law maker making a New Law! Graphic from the Internet.

4.        The Relevance of all this?

  • Nirbhaya’s multiple Rapes,
  • the Rapist who was a Minor,
  • the Question of Rehabilitation vs Punishment, or more Particularly the Type and Amount of Punishment,
  • and Those Who decide that,

Affect Each and Every one of Us.

The Floods at Chennai did not affect only those Without Cars. Life is like that.

A Citizen is Not merely a ‘Voter.’ The Citizen has to take Active part in Governance. Or Else, he/she is the Loser.

Even unto Gangrape, and Finding the Attacker of his Daughter Released and Roaming Free.



  1. Please remove the picture in this post(nirbhaya case). The words in the picture are inappropriate & hurts the sentiments. How can you use words like ‘laat daala tha’ & rod ghussorraa tha’
    Also the person named abdullah is not among the accused.
    If you do not remove this in next 12 hours, I will complain about it to google support & cyber cell.


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