What kind of Citizens are We?


(A Collection of my Tweets this evening).

1. WHAT KIND OF #CITIZENS ARE WE? Good steps are taken, and We go against it. As follows:

2. Delhi takes steps to try to reduce Smoke by Odd Even formula. #CITIZENS make False licence plates!

3. Bangalore tries to Clean up Garbage in a more Efficient manner. #CITIZENS don’t like it. In fact, it is reported that they are Furious.

4. The LG of Delhi, that british agent, says that Enquiries are Illegal. People object to Investigations Only if they have things to hide.

5. Delhi police commissioner calls Volunteers who want to Watch over Odd/Even Implementation as Vigilantes!

6. Particularly Delhi LG and Police Commissioner are proving to be Agents of bjp. If #CITIZENS don’t control this, Who will?

7. #CITIZENS are not just those who Vote. If We don’t take part in governance, We are Slaves, Not #CITIZENS.


Democracy and the Idea of Citizenship is supposed to have Originated in Greece. It is also said that Democracy Failed there.

Greek citizens




    • Here I may be disagreeing with You, my Dear Donzo! Democracy is for the Brave. The problem is that Most people are Arm Chair Heroes. Hot Air when it comes to Reality.

      Did not Citizens achieve a victory in Egypt? Am hazy on history, even recent ones, of course.

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      • Sigh! My Dear Donzo, discussions can go on and on.

        I believe Change for the Better is possible and Achievable. But Not Easy.

        It came come through Only If enough People get the gumption to get together and act. A Very Tall Order! 🙂


      • The prospect of having to face down armed military resistance is daunting to say the least. The Egyptian government is not exactly humane in their treatment of dissidence. The might be said for just about all governments.
        Change for the Better seems a dim hope at present.
        Sorry, I’m feeling just a touch cynical on this fine day.


      • But there is Absolute Truth in what You say. governments have learnt to use military force to put down protests. Even police act as paramilitary in this regard.

        And it IS daunting.

        But at least in places like the West, and in India, Dissidence CAN be expressed.

        It is only a question of the Citizenry being ready to get off their comfort zones, our of their arm chairs, be ready to give some time for Civic causes, and to Act.

        Apathy and Lethargy, if not downright Laziness, are the Enemies.

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      • I’ve been taking comfort in the militant actions of Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple. I think that would be righteous indignation. Evil and ignorance must be met square on. When people sit silent and allow crimes against humanity, all of our shared humanity suffers.

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