Love brings More Happiness than Money


So Ok, I do feel happy when I have a cup of Coffee, or have something nice to eat, like a Samosa. And Please, this post is NOT about Samosas.

Indian Samosas

Image from the Internet. …Samosas are made from mashed, spiced potatoes covered in dough and deep fried. I buy just one about twice a month. These cost about Rs. 12 per piece, without Chutney. That leaves me with a good feeling for about a fortnight.

But When I Love Somebody, and when Somebody Loves me, as for example I get a Smile or a Kiss from Children, that leaves me Glowing practically the Whole Day.

Lesson: ‘Love brings More Happiness than Money.’

Thus, We can be Spending Much Less, and be More Happy. It has to be Tried.

The Amount of money that is just ‘Blown’ on useless things like New Year Celebrations, or that of Christmas, or Any other Festival, When We live the Way We do…

New Year celebrations Australia 2016

Let us not blame the Australians for this. It is the same the World over, even in Cheesy little villages; Out of Proportion to the Income of the Common Man…

A Homeless Family in the US

When We live the Way We do When The World Lives like this, …Is Sin. Actually, Our living (on), Unconcerned, Takes Away Happiness. This also has to be Reflected, and Examined.

The above image is from Dennis Cardiff’s site:

This Wonderful man, Dennis Cardiff

Dennis Cardiff

Has a book the proceeds of which he gives for the Poor, whom he considers his Friends, and I consider myself fortunate to be one with him in this.

To continue, The World lives like this too:

Don't Cry, Mama, I am not feeling Hungry

The caption says: ‘Don’t Cry, Mama, I am not feeling Hungry.’ Very much in lines with ‘He ain’t heavy, he is my Brother’ below.

He Ain't Heavy, he is my Brother

I KNOW, Folks, Money does not grow on trees. At the cost of being Odious and Obnoxious, I want to share with You some things; Please bear with me.

I used to sup on two parathas, supplied with just some gravy, the whole costing Rs. 16.

Indian Parathas

Only, the ones I get to eat are Nowhere as Fancy as these! 🙂

Then I found that if I am ready to Spare some time, then I can make Chapatis (Parathas are harder to make, and Chapatis are Healthier), which, Along with Vegetables and Curry, cost A Good Deal Less.

From time to time I get Visits from Poor People, one of whom is a Lovely Child of some 13 years, who will come, expecting some little help, to buy maybe a Pen, or Notebooks or some such. I give her Rs. 30. (My Monthly Income for December was Rs. 4,000; Promised for Individual Caritas — Rs. 1,800).

You see what I mean: If I would be ready to spend the time on Cooking, which for me takes some 90 minutes on a Wood fire for Two meals, then I can spare these Thirty Rupees from time to time.

Let’s Go at it. Let’s Cut down Our Expenses. Let’s Give More to the Poor. This will Bring Us More Peace and Happiness than the Things We spend on.



  1. Yesudas I appreciate the reminder to GIVE….and I am really blessed to have a great Indian restaurant in my neighborhood who packages samasos for delivery at nearby markets, so I can buy them right across the street!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thank You for Your concern, my Dear Donzo! All those quakes are in the North Eastern part of India, and I am in the South.

        By God’s Grace, our place is almost trouble free. (God gives me different headaches!) 🙂


      • I am much relieved. The reporting of that earthquake here in the amerika was scant. It would seem that those suffering around our world must suffer endlessly. Then in the posh comfort zones, life is a breeze. Well maybe not so much around Cleveland, Chiraq, Ferguson, and anywhere that cops are shooting Black amerikans.
        Do you think that suffering brings one closer to the divine?


      • My Dear Donzo, Thanks indeed for Your concern. Much appreciated.

        I do not think that in posh (physical) comfort zones do too well. Here in India, the Smoke in Delhi is affecting the MOST well to do, the judges!

        The floods in Chennai floated away a huge number of cars. And really well to do fellows posted that they were cut off and were yearning for drinking water.

        The well to do suffer notoriously from Anxiety, Frustration, Fear and even physical maladies.

        As for Suffering bringing us closer to the Divine, Yes, it CAN. You may like to read how: ‘Surrendering (to God) brought me Peace,’ an account from my own life in:

        Hearty Regards. 🙂


      • Thank you for the link Swami. I can relate oh yes I can. After 3 years back in the beginning, I too had a fall from grace. I became very introspect and solitary. To this day. I do however, work to live the Sermon on the Mount. Not always so sermony. I have learned to hold life as sacrosanct but, I hold the hypocrisy of the “faithful” in utter contempt. Trying to not make judgments is a lesson I’ve yet to master.


      • My Dear Donzo, ‘hypocrisy of the “faithful” HAS TO BE HELD in utter contempt,’ adding my thoughts to Your words.

        Why to feel bad about it?

        And as far as judgements are concerned, We are ALL making judgements every moment of Our lives, from buying Potatoes to Driving.

        When Christ spoke against it, he meant the judging done by the sanctimonious.

        Hearty Regards! 🙂


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