Me and my Novel!

I write on Four platforms, Twitter, Facebook, the Blog and my Novel. As the First Three are in the line of ‘Opinion Formation,’ I give them priority. The Novel is in that vein too, but I feel that this can ‘wait!’

But I had let it ‘wait’ for quite a long time, so much so that I was almost losing thread. When I took it up, I was nearly in a Panic, wondering where was what.

Now, having controlled things a bit, am at the Opposite end of the Swing! Am having So much of Ideas that even at present I could complete two whole chapters. And that, considering that my sections are of about 4 thousand words, is saying something! The one I am writing has reached 2,800 words plus in about a week, and is good for some 1,200 more!

As usual, once again the Brain is working faster than the Fingers!

After having rolled Your heads with all that, let me say Good bye for now! 🙂


  1. Congrats on treading forward with writing your novel! It certainly is a process. I’m am nearly done my first but took me so long to pick the project up again and stay focused! This seems to be the hardest part for us writers! I’m happy for you! Chanel

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