Democracy in India

Today is a Sunday. Just two days ago, India observed its Harvest festival, a happy time, if any! And Only two weeks ago was the ‘celebration’ of the New Year!

But have Any of those things made a Difference to Items like these?

Again, just two days ago, young Air Force Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud was knocked down and Killed by a Hit and Run Car.

Indian Air Force cpl killed by hit and run driver

Graphic from Internet.

There are plenty who say that the Hit and Run driver is the son of a West Bengal’s ruling TMC minister, even naming the alleged killer: Ambia Sohrab.

ambia sohrab, son of politico, alleged killer

And they say plenty of things about him.

About ambia sohrab 1

About ambia sohrab 2

Screen shots from Twitter.

It is said that this fellow has a History of Reckless Driving, Scuffles, Beating Up Police(!), Molestations, and Owning a fleet of 22 Cars! And, Does his Facebook account show off many police friends?


The Indian Police is a very Clever Animal. They just Know who the Culprits are. Several years ago, I Know of a case where the PP of Giridih in Bihar had put up a fence, an Iron Angle thing. Next morning it was not there. Since this PP was a friend of the Superintendent of police, he went to him. He was asked to sit down and have some tea. After about an hour the iron angles turned up. Only, they had been cut into small pieces, ready for resale. The police officer had shrugged. ‘Take what You are getting,’ he had said.


Photo from the Internet, and Not that Fence, Silly! 🙂

Oh, the police Know. It is a Different thing whether they would Act.

For the last 20-30 years or so, it has become that the police will act Only if they get a nod from the politicos.


What have all these things got to do with Our Fine, Hard earned Sunday?

A Member of the Indian Military is knocked down and Killed by a Rogue, and No Action is taken. Hamara Kya Haal hoga Kaaliyaa?


The politicians have to be told and taught that they are Not the bosses. And they can be Told Only If We stand in Sufficient numbers. Democracy.

And Democracy works Only When We Exhibit:

Intelligence, Knowledge, Awareness, Concern, Courage and Strength.


I have called this post: Democracy in India. But is it any different, In any Other country?



    • Very well said, my Dear Donzo! I have used the word: Demon-o-cracy.

      They shoot street children all over South America, I hear. Lots of Christians there. And popes in general like it. So, great ‘religious’ world too. Ess Ech Eye Tee.

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  1. Fear is the State’s psychological weapon of choice to frighten citizens into sacrificing their basic freedoms and rule-of-law protections in exchange for the security promised by their all-powerful government.

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