Democracy and Intelligence

In my post, Democracy in India, I had mentioned that Democracy works Only When We Exhibit Intelligence and Knowledge, etc.

As far as Intelligence is concerned, the Internet/Blogging Community Does have it. But Our Knowledge? Faulty, many a time. I look at the Internet community in particular for this. Full of people who know how to use Cell phones, but Sadly and Drastically Lacking in Solid Education. When the Reality is that too many people come out of most Engineering colleges in India with No Knowledge, this becomes understandable.

Again speaking of India, Frankly maybe at least 30% of Our Voters have not gone to School. And if We are Honest, We will accept that Schooling in India is a Farce.

…After I published this by about 2 PM, at about 4 PM We have News over the TV that Medical Colleges are operating with Fake Teachers, dishing out certificates! As below:

‘The Punjab Medical Council (PMC) recently found out that over 400 such fake teachers were enrolled as full-time faculty in four private medical colleges across Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.’

Fake teachers at medical colleges

Image from article, as below.

Colleges glory in teaching in English. In the case of Tamil Nadu, from the grand old days when this state topped in English in India, today MOST students will struggle even to understand that language, let alone speak it. You can understand the quality of the Outcome.

…To go back, Think of Government Schools! And Not the Exceptions, at that! Promotion is the Norm. Whether the Child even knows the Three R’s or not, the government has decided that they should have a certificate that they are ‘Educated.’ Result?

Ayn Rand on the government

And Considering that Our Very Future Depends upon Our Voters being Knowledgable, it becomes Our Bounded Duty to keep them Informed. Sadly, the government is Out to Dupe! There is a Department for Misinformation, though the governemt will not admit it, of course.

What We Need is, to Post the Right Things, Corrections, if necessary, with Proofs, so that the Internet community Grows in Knowledge. The Facebook and Twitter platforms become very useful for this.

Then the Future of Our Coming Generations will be Safe.

[Please see also: Democracy and Courage.]

13 thoughts on “Democracy and Intelligence”

      1. Who to trust is an extremely tough question to answer. I know it is a rhetorical question, my Dear Chris, but, if one would ask, Whom do I trust, I would say Nobody in Authority, and that includes most religious authorities!

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      1. Capitalist Political democracy is the legitimacy for class robbery.

        We are born to express our love source in creative harmonious diversity. Capitalism is the deliberate violence.

        Revolutionary consciousness for abolition of Capitalism …There is nobody else around.


      2. Dont be judgmental dear Swami ji.
        Soon I am gonna post about so called islamic terrorism. …and if see my previous posts I ve refuted communism strongly.
        West is a culprit and reason behind this contemporary chaos in the world.
        Call spade a spade ….plz


      3. I agree, imran, that I have not seen your post on communism. Nobody can be expected to have all of somebody’s posts. Do send the link.

        And it is also evident that YOU have not read my posts. But after all I have more than 700 of them. I DO call a spade a spade, and FIRST AND FOREMOST criticise my own groups, unlike you, who are just GOING TO post something about your group.

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