A New Year’s To Remember in Cologne, Germany

I agree with You there that No Woman deserves to be Raped. Nor has it to be Expected. But.

In Tamil Nadu, they have a festival which is attended by thousands, and Women simply Flock for it, KNOWING THAT YOUNG MEN WILL COME AND BUMP INTO THEM, groping and pawing. These men do not even spare the Women police.

Let us Not Expect Nastiness. But Do let us be prepared. …I have every reason to believe that I may be assaulted by rowdies when I go out. Because of my political views and a path problem case in court. So I take EVERY precaution.

I do not believe ANY police force will be able to handle misbehaviour of this sort in crowds. In India, they have separate Queues for men and women, and Women NEVER travel alone. (Exceptions would only Prove the rule).

I Challenge Anybody, any Reader, to suggest methods by which such things can be controlled, except from the Cradle, by Long Years of Teaching. Both Families, and Religion, which should be forming such values in families, have failed.

It is said that Women going about alone in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia are safe Indeed. Is it because they wear the Burkha? Or that men are extremely severely punished for misbehaviour?

If I know Snakes or Hyenas or Rowdies are out and about, I either do not go out, or take the Most Serious Precautions.

I WILL expect the forest department or the police force to keep them in check, as the case may be; and I will expect that Boys will be Taught Not that Boys don’t Cry, but: BOYS DON’T MAKE GIRLS CRY. But, till those days arrive, I move with Wisdom.

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Source: A New Year’s To Remember in Cologne, Germany

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