chicken dancing on a new day


If Only it were so Simple! The problem is, that you shoot/hang — do whatever — to One politico/banker/judge, or whoever, there is a Queue standing to take his place. THEN what do You do?

Too Pig to Fail!

This is an Old graphic from Facebook, Many Moons Old. Reliance and Adani are two of the new ‘corporates’ of India, very close to the new prime minister, modi. The icons over the ‘piglings’ belong to various political parties of India. And Freedom, which they are ‘peddling,’ is Waiting. It is all, as the caption says, Too Pig to Fail. Salutes to George Orwell too.


According to me, Only Religion can bring about Changes. But Most of the current heads of Religion can and even should be made to join the politicos and the bankers and judges in their Chicken Dance.

Can be done Only be Concerned, Active Citizens. Don’s have much Hope from the 95% of the Humanity, who are Mostly Apathetic.

What else to say? 90% of Bloggers seem to post only photographs and get 90,000 likes. They don’t even give a ‘Like’ to a Social Site. I am speaking about the 95% Please. So You, my Friends, do Not have to get Hot under the Collar!

Ho Hum. Good Night.

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