Gill finds Gold!

One of my Blogger Friends, Gill McGrath, posts, (as other too, do), on Nature. Have recently reblogged one of her posts. …In our conversation, I found her writing Really Poetic! Here is what I wrote to that, and what she had written, below, shortened and edited by me:


That is a Very, Very Beautiful comment, my Dear Gill, well worth a post by itself. I do suggest You do that; take the material from this comment and make it a post. Wait, I shall do it!

And You write SO Poetically! Have a Very Big Heart too! Love and Regards. 🙂


Frosts and dew are quite magical to play with and catch on the camera with a low rising sun when for a few moments (and when the sun doesn’t decide to disappear) things turn to towards gold. The best sort of gold.

Gill's Gold

Photograph from:

It makes me feel happy so its worth looking/waiting for it. The birds see it and get so excited so I follow them… they sit in the best high up places bathing (it seems) in this small burst of low sunlight.

It’s not there everyday if the sun has to deal with too much cloud and has to climb higher where its first appearance is too high for the gold moment (there is a silvery level which shows up the dew rather than gold moments thick in the air sometimes due to cold ).

I sometimes think that the birds know a bit more about God than we do! 


Kudos, Gill! Kudos, Love and Regards, my Fellow Bloggers! 🙂

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