How Know GOD is Speaking to Us

Came across this post which expresses Quite Well How We can Know that it is God Who is speaking to Us, and Not Our Own Ego misleading Us. Below, an Excerpt from the post. Emphasis mine. Link given at bottom as I could not find the ‘Reblog’ button. Hearty Kudos to Chanel Walker-Bailey.


I ask myself a series of questions to serve as confirmation that the instruction or leading is indeed from him:

1. Does the instruction line up with his word complimenting scripture?

2. Am I being lead out of my comfort zone? (His will vs. my own)

3. Am I being Urged to stop trying to be in control? (Whoa this is a biggie for me!)

4. Will what I am hearing benefit anyone besides myself? (Complete selflessness!)

Read the full post at:

Soulful Sunday – 1/31/2016


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