Ash Wednesday, 2016

With Ash Wednesday, for Christians, Today begins Lent.

But Does it? And Should it?!

The Victorious Cross

Image from:

Should Lent have a Beginning and an End?

The word Lent comes from ‘A Lento,’ which means A Slowing Down. Slowing Down Life’s pace, to observe and reflect how life is going, what changes would make it better, etc. Penances are supposed to help in this.

But Should We do this wonderful thing of Keeping a Check on Life just 40 days of the year, and leave 325 for a Mad Rush?!

For a Serious Christian, for the Mature Christian, Each Day should be Lent; Each Day should be a Good Friday, and Each an Easter! Because Christ Dies in Humanity Every Day, and Christ Shows Himself Victorious Every Day Too! As I have tried to show in the Graphic, which for me means the Victorious Cross!

Wish You All a Meaningful Lent, and Regards.



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