An Open Letter to #BarkhaDutt of #NDTV

Hello, #Barkha!

Watched Your Interview of #ArvindKejriwal over #NDTV yesterday, and have some comments on that.

What about #NDTV giving the heading: #RAVE and #RANT with regard to Arvind and the #AAP when Your interview was going on?


This may require some background:

You had questioned Arvind over his remarks about #modi; having called him a #Coward, etc. And You had said that Arvind must have lost many Admirers/Followers because of that. Just by the way, Arvind has not lost my admiration, however poor that might be.

The reasons Arvind had given for his words, namely, modi using the #LGofDelhi to actively hinder AAP’s developmental projects there, make complete sense to me. #bassi and the #LG, the two arms of the #bjp, Do make it Despicable.

Despicable is a Very Strong word for me. I am not the #bjp Bhakts who go into Ma and Bahen at the drop of a hat.

001 amma laand chodl

002 ma bahen

Some screen shots of #bjp Bhakti. I have plenty more where these come from. Unfortunately.


Leaving these Bhakts aside,

You mean You people in the media can call Others Names, of which Rave and Rant are very good examples, with Impunity, on a Regular Basis, and We cannot call people Cowards?

Sleep as Well as You can.


    • Whether you follow it or not, it is what will decide your life, your future and that of your children and grand children.

      your NOT being involved in it, NOT controlling it, is what makes politics dirty.

      Get Involved, and Keep it Clean.


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