Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

A fairly well read young man today mocked me on my views of Green Power. It had left me paining for a Long time. But I am like that. Quite a Fool.

Our conversation had turned to the Power Supply in Tamil Nadu, where, it is said, that the present government is buying Electrical power at very high rates and supplying it to the Citizens of the State at the old, cheaper rates. And Why should this government do that? Because, when voting time comes, people are going to vote for it again! Very few people are aware or even concerned about the Debt that this government is raising up. But, as I said, Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

There is an Issue of Much Greater Gravity to which this adage, namely – ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind,’ would apply: Viz, Nuclear Power. As I have said earlier, Nuclear power has been harnessed in such a way that people function and verily live in very close proximity to the power plants for Long times, as in Nuclear Submarines.

But, The World as such, has to be Much More concerned about Nuclear Waste Disposal. Here are some graphics of How it is handled, and the condition of the Stored material.

Nuclear Waste Barrels

First of all, these seem to the conventional barrels in which Nuclear Waste is stored. The condition of these barrels, both at the sides and the top, fill me with Dread and Sorrow. All Graphics from Internet.

Stored Nuclear Waste

Now, this is a picture of Nuclear Waste Stored (somewhere). My Dread and Sorrow are at Worse levels now.

Nuclear Waste being Moved
Die undatierte Aufnahme zeigt einen Radlader, der in der Schachtanlage Asse Fässer mit radioaktivem Müll in eine Kammer kippt. In dem maroden Atommülllager Asse bei Wolfenbüttel befindet sich auch rund eine halbe Tonne hochgiftiges Arsen. Das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) bestätigte am Mittwoch einen entsprechenden Bericht des Magazin «stern». Foto: Schachtanlage Asse dpa/lni (zu lni 0367 vom 15.04.2009) +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

I had wanted to write that is a picture of Nuclear Waste being Moved in Germany, but the data under the photograph, which I had not expected, but which load up by themselves with pics, show that this Is in Germany. …Germany, the land of Mercs, to say the least. One of the Most Advanced countries. And they are literally Dumping their fuel. Just How do We think they would be handling it in Non-Tech Savvy, Happy-go-lucky India?

Unburied Nuc Waste in Japan

I have already shared this above picture in an earlier post. Does no harm in doing it again. This is what Our Friend Chris had said about this in the comments:

A comment

And finally, this cartoon says Very well How Nuclear fuel wastes are handled, Worldwide, for all the Sweet talk.

Nuclear Waste Cartoon


Since, as We see, the Danger of Nuclear Material escaping into the Atmosphere is a Very Real one, and as Nuclear Waste lives on for Hundreds of Years, Any Wise Person, Any Person concerned about His/Her Great-to-the-Power-of 500th Grandchildren, Will Say No to Nuclear Power.

Let Us NOT give in to: Out of Sight, Out of Mind.


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