Oliver Twist lives, in Our Own India

I had thought that the days of Oliver Twist were gone by now. But this time, in the famous land of Rebirths, Oliver Twist, this time in the form of A Girl, got hit for asking for a second helping of Gruel, and his/her Father is KILLED for Protesting, to boot.

Fly of girl hit for asking for more Khichri

The family of the Girl who was hit for asking for more ‘Khichri,’ the Gruel. Photo from article.


Kudos to Our so called #JusticeDept, by the way. This is what I have added in Facebook:

I would have thought that the so called #JusticeDept is to keep an eye on the level of Justice in the Country.

But this so called #JusticeDept just keeps an eye on its income.

I am Ashamed of Our so called #JusticeDept.

More at:



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