Seems today is ‘World Cancer Day,’ ‪#‎worldcancerday2016‬

Let us spend at least one day like this to Think of, and Remember

  • Those who suffer and battle this horrible Sickness,
  • Congratulate those who came out Successfully, like Our Endearing Cricketer Yuvraj Singh of the Indian Team, and
  • Especially Bless Those who are Trying to Find Remedies for this malady.

I lost my Dear Father to Cancer. That was a Long time back, in 1968, where even Radiation treatment had not changed the appearances of a person. But Today, with Hair Loss, Changes in Weight, etc, those undergoing treatment feel Shocked and are affected painfully even in their minds.

Chernobyl child

A Chernobyl Child. Image from:

A Visit to those suffering from Cancer, and a few words with them from time to time will be Much Appreciated.

Please remember that Chennai Egmore Children’s Hospital has a wing especially for those with this disease.

Children's hospital Chennai

A view of Children’s hospital, Egmore, Chennai. Image from Internet.

Please visit them and Please take them some Eats and Toys. Many of them come from Very Poor Families.


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