Finding God? The Twisted Road To….Perdition

Reading first hand accounts of one’s Personal Search, is not only Inspiring, it is Awe Inspiring. Hence Kudos and Thanks to Rajiv on this his post.

I do have a few comments on this, which I post here.

Rajiv has said: “All major religions started with a sense of wonder, of mystery, of oneness with the world and with nature.”

I would posit that this Sense of Wonder that exists in the beginning itself is not Religion but Spirituality. Religion is the WAY We deal with, Express and Relate to that Wonder, etc. (Religion=Relationship).

Religion is not meant to ‘Define’ Us. But it does become one of Our ‘Tags.’

On ‘We all want our God to be the One God. It is about power and money. And, sex,’ I would like to say that Many Spiritual Greats have been there for whom Power and Money, etc, have meant Nothing. Those who come Immediately to mind are St. Paul, St. Francis of Assissi, and Shirdi Sai Baba, to name just a few.

Do peruse in full.

worship_DSC2411 In The Lap Of Nature

For those who want to know, I took this photograph in Orccha, Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Idols, and forms of the great God, Shiva, lying in the midst of rubble and the trees. Exactly, in a sense, how it should be.  Shiva, the God of destruction, is much more than that. He is, in a sense, God of the cycle of life, of nature, of the mysteries of nature.

Unlike Pan, he did not die. Yet, in the sanctimonious manner in which he is worshipped these days, he may as well be dead.

Yet, as usual, I get ahead of myself. Like Bertie Wooster, I need to back pedal just a bit.

The idea of God and religion, in many a way, define us. These ideas play a great role in defining who we are, how we act and how we react.

Yet, as a…

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