The Face of the …

Look at the face of the SOB just behind and to the Right of the SI. Gloating Arrogance, what I call The Face of the #RSS.

Policeman beaten up by RSS

Image from article.

We would expect the elderly to keep a control over the younger elements, which is NOT happening here at all. Birds of the Same feather. …And they have asked Why Kanhaiya did not control those who were shouting Anti-National slogans! What! When #modi did not control the crowds when the Carnage in Gujarat was taking place!

modi and Gujarat

Image from Internet.


In the JNU embroglio and its aftermath, many good hearted Hindus seem to miss the Viciousness of the Fringe Elements.

And certainly, the animosity does not exist everywhere.

Only members of the Minority will know about this, after all! If they will do this to an SI, what will they do to Ordinary Citizens? Who Answers?


  1. अगर मैं झूठ बोलूंगा तो गैरत मार डालेगी,
    अगर मैं सच बोलूंगा तो हुकुमत मार डालेगी।

    बहुत होशियार रहना है हिन्दू-मुस्लमां को,
    वरना लड़ाकर आपस में सियासत मार डालेगी।..

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