Some Stupid Rules

Yeah, Yeah, I am not talking about Laws, so I can afford to be Free with my Adjectives.

To get on, I consider the Rule, that a Footballer or a Cricket Player, is Not allowed to take off his shirt while on the Field, one of the Stupid Rules in the World.

Not that I am interested in seeing the Bare Chest of those men.

Games, particularly Cricket, is not the sole domain of the bourgeoisie any more. It is the Thousands that flock the stadiums that bring in the money, and hence the People, the Citizens, Alone, have the Right to say what Players Can and Cannot do. Besides Common Decorum, of course. We are not speaking of taking off Pants and Underwears here.

While searching for Images for this post, came across: ‘Some Muslim countries find it offensive to see bare chests.’ Is England a Muslim country? Why do they have the rule there? Our Own Dear Dada, Saurav Ganguly, got into trouble for Swirling his Shirt after a Victory in Cricket. And that was in England.

Ganguly takes Shirt off

Saurav Ganguly takes off his Shirt and Twirls it, after one of ODI cricket`s sensational finishes, where India came from behind to chase down England`s 325 in the NatWest triangular series final at Lord`s in 2002.

Ronaldo Bare Chested

For those from the Moon, here is Ronaldo, Bare Chested.

In short, the Rule that a Football Player or Cricketer shall be Fined if he takes off his Shirt is a Perfect Example of a Stupid Rule.

Both Images from Internet.

3 thoughts on “Some Stupid Rules”

    1. But I think, my Dear Chris, that when the cleverer people found that the simpler ones really liked, and even wanted just a simple life and their beers, they started making such rules.

      That a king would be allowed to form an army to guard the territory made sense; but that the clever king kept half the army just to guard himself was a clever rule which nobody bothered to examine!

      And from then on, the Dogs have have just put their heads down, got their quota of bones, and worked for the Pigs. Will not question the Pigs!

      Another clever, but Stupid rule! 🙂

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