Burn Buses, KILL those Inside, Walk Free

Supporters of the Infamous jayalalitha, the current CM of Tamil Nadu of India, had at one time set Fire to a College Bus, where there had been Umpteen Young Women inside. The incidence is Notorious, and has the name of ‘Dharmapuri Bus Burning.’ One example:


Bus burning b

These Criminals had been ‘Held’ in jail all this while. Now, our Kind courts have set these ‘Alleged’ Criminals Free. I have to say Alleged, haven’t I? Now that they have been set free by the courts?

And For Why did the courts set them Free? On the ‘grounds’ that ‘There had been No Intent to Kill.’ All this to Appease a powerful politico. Also Political Give and Take. And Money Changing Hands, whatever they might say.

Set Fire to a Bus with People Inside, and Say there had been No Intention to Kill. Justice. Indian Style this time. Mobs ‘will go’ Berserk, and Nothing will be done to Correct this.


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