Holding (Updated)

Those born with the proverbial Silver Spoon in the Mouth will be ‘Held,’ with Affection and Admiration, Irrespective of Whatever they have done. In this case, the Silver spoon group, who had previously been limited to Politicos, Judges and Police, now include BJP supporters.

The Rest Be Hanged. Literally.

“Jharkhand: 2 cattle traders hanged from tree, gau raksha activist among 5 held,”

Says: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/jharkhand-latehar-district-muslim-cattle-traders-hanged-five-arrested-section-144/#sthash.1N4UAM2I.dpuf

And more explicit graphic and news from another source below:


Hung for carting cattle


[ Would like to be Informed of the Day when Killers would be Killed, instead of being merely ‘Held.’

For another very Interesting, actually Horrifying instance, please click here. ]


As I write this, I wonder if these ‘Hangers’ would, in time, set up ‘Courts,’ to try those of the Wild West, who had conducted all those Cattle Drives! Again, Sigh.

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