Now, Higher and Lower ‘Castes’ in the Animal Kingdom

Yes, with the rise of the BJP, a right wing political party currently ruling India just now, the vexing ‘Caste’ equation has entered, ‘Successfully,’ (for the BJP), the Animal Kingdom also. One sample here, from the site. Plenty of Cartoons have come up in this vein, given lower below.

Unequal animals

It is not Unknown that police animals are attacked. But they were done by the people whom the police were trying to control. But in this case a Poor Creature’s leg was downright broken, by a senior politician.

And he denies this, in spite of a senior policeman having vouched for the attack, see here. And because of the ‘might’ of politicos, the issue remains ‘Alleged Assault.’ I call this BJP-raj, and BJP-legal system. Sigh.


Now for the Cartoons:

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