Education and Expenses

The first picture I came across in Facebook today was this one:

Students and NonStudents

Incidentally, the caption says: The picture that moved me.

Before I go to something connected with this, I would invite You to Analyze this one. I cannot understand just how the boys standing outside the class room landed up there. But quite a few children in the class are paying attention to them; And Alas, Not Too Kindly.

There are Quite a few Smirks, and even Mocking faces there. The boy at the bottom left is doing it Un-Abashedly.

From which I want to say that We have Failed in Inculcating Sympathy and Love in our children. They might know the 3 R’s. But I would give them very little for ‘Love.’ And these are going to be the Citizens of Tomorrow. As are many who have been brought up in the same vein.

This Mocking Crowd Runs the Country, and, from the picture, the next generations are not going to be different.


I did say  I was going to say something connected with this.

An Old lady from the village came to me in the while, and mentioned that she has to pay Rs. 30,000 per year as College fees for her grand daughter.


She is a Day labourer, Old and Tired.

Arvind Kejriwal and the Delhi govt have really spruced up the Education dept there. Studies, even in theFree Government Schools, are Good there.

In Most other places, government teachers receive Fat salaries, and teach Zilch.


[ Incidentally, I have left the AAP of Arvind Kejriwal as its leadership in Tamil Nadu is a Total Failure, and have joined #S.P.Udaykumar’s #PachaiThamizhagam. ]

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