Forgive me, my Friends!

Sounds a little Peculiar? Well, that is Typical Yesudas. πŸ™‚

What I mean is, I ask Your Pardon for Not visiting Your sites. But, as You would be seeing and would Understand, it is Sheer Time Pressure. Add to that my Energy Quotient!

Needless to say, shall be visiting Your sites.

Much Love and Regards.



      • Thank You for Your Good Wishes, my Dear Shiva!


        Kudos and Thanks, my Dear Shiva, on Sharing Your Experiences with the One, throught this good poem.

        Yes, He/She can remains there in Bliss, yet comes to Visit Us, to BE with Us.

        We may be SURE Our Dear ones are Safe with Him/Her, and HAPPY!

        For that is Why He/She comes, to take Us to Himself/Herself, to Be Happy Forever!


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