Good Friday and Nakedness


One of the Tortures given to the Lord Jesus on His Crucifixion and Death on Good Friday is Stripping Him, albeit Near Naked. But others who had been Crucified at that time were Stripped fully, and Who is to say, and Who can say How it was with Jesus?

We have to remember that He was considered Rabbi by the People of His Time, something like the Gurus of India or the ‘Masters’ of the Orient. The Rishis and the Sadhus, like the Prophets of the Bible, might ‘Choose’ to be Naked, but to Strip one of them is Definitely a High Point of Humiliation. It is another thing that these Greats would not be bothered by it.

But would We not accept that a Forced Unrobing is an Attempt to Rob a person of his Dignity?

And do this to a Woman!

It has happened, and happens, All Too Often in India, the Country which calls its Land Mother, and particularly wants, particularly the Muslims, to say: ‘Bharat Mata kee Jai,’ meaning: ‘Victory to Mother India.’ It seems it would not do to say: ‘Jai Hind,’ which is saying Victory to India, just leaving out the word ‘Mother.’ But more on this later.

In the meanwhile, one ‘more’ video has surfaced, wherein the kind, so called ‘upper castes’ have seen fit to Strip  Two Women Naked and ‘Mercilessly Thrash’ them in the process. And what ho, they have even Blackened the face of one of them.

Women stripped and beaten in india

Graphic from Facebook, reference below.

Shocking : Dalit Women Paraded naked by Upper Caste Men and women

I would call this the Flagellation of Christ in His Female form.


Good Friday is not the Dry commemoration of events that happened some 2,000 years ago. Alas, as I keep saying, Good Friday happens Every Day. And it Cries out that We do something about it. At least Share these things on our Social Media. This will help generate some Positive Action. Regards.



  1. […] There is an event, if We can call it that, that of Disrobing Christ before these things happened. We all take off our clothes. But let Us think How We Feel if and when somebody Else removes them. A teacher of a professor having his pants removed by his students, grown up children doing the same to their parents with malice, etc, could make one’s heart cry. And here is One Who was called ‘Master,’ Not a light word, and stripped naked, (We cannot be sure they had even left a loin cloth on Him). This was Another, Severe Torture, rendered to Jesus. For a little more on this, please click here. […]


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