What is Good Friday?


So it is Good Friday once again. And, even after these centuries, even Christians want to know What Good Friday is all about! …Not just the Laity, as the Believers are called, but even the Clergy, including hierarchy, as ‘they’ are called, seem to ‘Wake up’ on this day.

These, particularly the leaders of Christianity, and even more specially the Monastics there of, do not seem to Realize that Christ Dies Every Day, In Torture and in Pain, Due to Hunger, Injustice and all that.

It is High time that Christians Realize that The Blessed Lord, He-who-cannot-die, Dies Every day, and At the Same Time Is King and Lord and Triumphant Every Day.


In India, even among Hindus and Muslims, Good Friday is Better known than Easter. But Most probably, Most do not know what exactly Good Friday is. This article will help understand that question. B…

Source: What is Good Friday?


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