Easter, Untouchables of India, and Reservation

You will find the refernce to Easter in the last line of this my post.

There are A whole lot of people in India who had/have been Intentionally, Wilfully, Cleverly and Cruelly been Kept down, for Ages, to do All the Menial work. Starting with Cleaning up the Poo and the Toilets, to working on the Footpaths repairing Slippers, these belong to the so called Lower Caste of India.

Manju Human Scavenger

Manju, Human Scavenger. Graphic from the Internet.

If We think that Manju can live by finding some other job, then frankly, We would be Nuts. She can Only get a similar job. If she makes bold to, say, set up a small shop selling some Eatables or Vegetables, not only would she be Shunned; Most probably she would get Beaten up for her pains.

The so called Upper Caste would not hesitate to call themselves that, but they will be quick to say that there is no lower ‘caste,’ only ‘classes’ based on work and what not. But, Talk is always a cheap commodity.

Reservation is a system whereby those were supposed to be given Chances for a little Higher Study, (schools and colleges would Not have taken these but for the Reservation!), and for Job Opportunities so that the ‘Gap’ between the communities could have become smaller.

It has not worked. Because it was not really Meant to. Because, as I have shown earlier, if they become better in life, who is going to do the Dirty work for them?


After all India is Not like the West where people might take up the Dirtiest Jobs, get paid Well for it, Own their Cars, Live in Dignity, as Regular Members of the Community, and above all, be able to Smile at the Camera!

I had come across a programme about those who clean up the Dirties homes in the US, in the Nat Geo channel, if I am not mistaken. Wanted some pictures of that, which I could not find. But I did find such a group in the UK!

An Example of Before and After their work. But Frankly, the TV programmes had shown Much Worse graphics.

Dirty bef n aft

And those who do such work not only use such Modern technology, but also Own Cars. [ Show me One ‘Untouchable’ in my Village having a Car, which has a ‘Colony’ for them. I do believe that the village boasts of some 20 Cars, None belonging to the lower community. ]

Dirty Cleaner Oliver Hampton R&M Cleaners

And those who do such work in the West do not have to go ‘Hiding’ their faces, be ‘Looked Down Upon,’ Ostracized, being Hated when they come close by.

Dirty Cleaners ce

All these images from the Internet.


To Re-Iterate, the so called Untouchables Still Exist in India, in the Very Same Condition, even after the so called Reservations for them.

Untouchable being 'offered' water

Even according to the government’s statistics, a Whopping One Fourth of India comes into the category of Untouchables today! But Show me One Tenth of them in any Decent-paying governments jobs? Haha! So much for How they have made the ‘Reservations’ work. And yet people want Reservations for them to be stopped; even the small benefits that might be reaching them at some forgotten corner to be stopped.


For all that, Reservation has been found to be ‘Lucrative!’ The so called ‘upper castes’ want to get into the act! Most famous among these are the ‘Jats’ of India, a Very well to do group of people, who found a way to ‘Arm-Twist’ the government into giving them the privileges of Reservation!

000 jats

Cartoon from the Internet.

To achieve their wishes, they had merely resorted to Violence, like bringing Transport and Business to a Stand Still, Including Stopping Drinking Water to the People of Delhi, with some other simple things like Uprooting Railway Tracks.


A little bird tells me I should Stop now! Ok, Ok.

So, What is the connection to all this and EASTER? Well, today IS Easter, and the so called Lower Caste are STILL Cleaning Poo Without Dignity, (at least in places). …It is More Important to Lift Up Christ in the Untouchable than to decorate home and church and eat Eggs.

3 thoughts on “Easter, Untouchables of India, and Reservation”

  1. Great post.. It is heartbreaking to see the fate of so many..what they endure is most disturbing.
    God used Moses to deliver the Hebrews out of bondage.. I pray for India to be delivered also..


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