Should it be Asses or Sheep?


Christ had called Us Sheep. But in a Very positive way. And George Orwell had called the people Sheep again, in a …?

But are Not the Pigs making Asses out of Us?

Carrot and Ass


This post is inspired by Our Friend Rajiv Chopra’s post, reference at bottom. And as my thoughts on that were a bit longish, as WordPress suggests, have made a separate post of it.

He has asked, in short: “Why does this evil persist today? Why aren’t there more people protesting?”

And this, below, is what I had replied:


My Dear Rajiv, You present something very dear to my Heart!

I cannot be bold enough to say that I have ‘the’ answer. But certainly I have ‘an’ answer. And it is: Because Mankind Likes to take the Easy-Way-out.

But when I say Mankind, I divide it into 3 groups: Let us say 10% Good guys, 10% Bad Guys, and the rest, Indifferent. And I find that except for the Bad Guys, the rest, the 90% prefer, Yes, the Easy Way.

The 90% get satisfied with the Scatterings, like a Bike, a Car, and a TV. You might to add Beer, Parties, Cricket and even Festivals to the list. …If they can take the Bike/Car to post a letter at a Post Box just 50 metres from their door, they think they are Very Clever. Remember the movie: The Gods must be Crazy?

I remember The story of the King who was SO kind, he wanted to Feed the Lazy in his kingdom. But the Mantri found out that practically All the population turned up to Eat! So a special house was built for them, and when they had got in, Fire was set to the House. Just Three refused to move.

One shouted for help, One blamed the King for getting them into this, and the Third told them to keep Quiet.

Years ago We had heard of the Coming Water Scarcity, which is Now a Reality. Fifty Years ago, in India, would Anybody have thought of Water in Bottles, and in Inverted Jars of it in Offices? …Twenty Years Ago, the Climate Change started getting Talk about. Then The Dangers of Nuclear Energy. But, like that King’s Lazy fellows,

We have protested Against the Protesters!

The Bad Guys want Pleasures too, and for that, Big Money, and for that, they are ready to Toil for it.

They Toil by Distorting what is to be Taught, like, when I was learning History, the name of Lord Wavell Never stuck to my memory. The Bad Guys churning out Poor Books, the Indifferent Teaching, the points not driven in by meaningful questions even in the exams, (they asked about MB, not this Wavell, after all), all contributed to Our Youth Not even Knowing who Wavell was.

And on my part, History was never my favourite subject anyway, (Me taking the Easy way out in not paying attention to what I did not like!).

The Bad Guys lead us around like a Donkey following a Carrot on a Stick, and Because of this Our Lethargy, – shall We call it Laziness, – Indifference, and, to Use my words again, Taking-the-Easy-Way-Out, Most of the people get fooled into becoming, and Remaining, Asses.


I would call this a Good picture. It is Not just a question of the Carrot and the Stick. The Bad Guys are not merely ‘poking’ at Us. Without Apology I would say that They are Shafting Us. And they take trouble to Take Aim, too. Alas. …Both images from the Internet.

These our Ills, Our Lethargy/Laziness, Our Indifference and Taking-It-Easiness, Keep Us Even from Protesting and Acting Even When the Very Future of Our Own Children is being Harmed.


The reference to Rajiv’s post:

The Dispatches Of Hira Singh – Albert Said.


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