A Family that…

True, the Old Adage: The Family that Prays Together Stays Together is Very True.

But I have also found that in Reality,

A Family that Works Together Stays Together!

A family working together

Too often have I heard Indian Wives complaining that their Husbands would not Bother to take them to the doctor even if they were ill and lying down with Fever. But those Same husbands would put on their shirts and start off on their motorcycles in a Jiffy, even when their Wives were Sick, if their friend phoned up and called them to come.

Husbands in India think that it is beneath them to do Housework, even unto washing their own Underwear! Their female-folk have to do it for them, and they say their Love their Wives! Yuck.

Husbands in India think that only They do Meaningful work, and work that Tires. The Indian Wife working without the Machines and Gadgets of the West, according to them, does not, or may be Cannot, get tired. Meaning: Women are not Allowed to Get Tired!

Only a Family that Works Together Can, and Will, Stay Together.


This graphic had been posted in Facebook with the thought that Instead of Saving Our Children from Work and Labour, the Parents who Teach their Children to Work are the Better ones. This is True too.


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