Laws, Great on Paper!

Have just finished posting something about a Stupid piece of law, that kept Women from covering their Chests.

And within minutes come across a piece of news that shows how RTI (Right to Information Act) Activists have been Killed, not to say Frightened, Harassed and Even Beaten up. All this is open news, in the Media.

RTI activsts beaten up

The words at left in the picture say: RTI Activist being attacked by Shiv Sena members in Maharashtra. From link quoted below.

I find it noteworthy that Three in the photo are carrying Whips. They are Organized!


39 Killings, 275 Attacks in the last 10 years.

Beautiful laws… On Paper… That We are a Free Country… That We have the RIGHT to Information… It is All On Paper. Nobody can Deny that.


10 thoughts on “Laws, Great on Paper!”

    1. Hello Dave! …Our Indian police is Very well organized. Having ever so many police stations, relying not on technology so much as personal contacts, yet able to use the computers to search, it would be simple work for them to find out the culprits.

      But then We have a thing called the ‘political go ahead’ in Our country. How and Why else would these thugs dare not only to wear those distinctive stoles, but even to show their faces?

      In this case, as it happened in Godhra, as in too many other places, the political masters say, ‘Let them Be,’ and they are Let be!


      1. Sounds like the people are being let down by their leaders, sadly true the world over, though some say we get the leaders we deserve! My own view is that we need to look beyond nationhood to a universal state based on human rights for all, but then I am an idealist …

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      2. I agree with You there, if I prefer to use the world ‘World Citizen.’

        But the States or the World, We ARE going to need leaders! And hopefully, Not Stupid ones.

        And Yes, people DO get the leader they deserve. Unfortunately, the majority is an Ass.


  1. We are fools and will remain as fools

    We are not concerned with this world,
    We are fools and will remain as fools,
    Our only job is to incite internal strife,
    For that, we always search new tools.

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