Way Indian Railways Loots its Passengers!

Have just returned from a trip to North India, a journey that took nearly 56 Hours each side, by Train.

Have much to write about that. For now, found that the Indian Railways has found a Sweet Way of Looting the Passengers. Drinking Water, which used to be Available from the Railway platforms from Taps, are Few and Far between now, and the Water that comes is a Trickle. Only the Brave get down, (Fortunately there is No Fighting), and though Very Few got down, Most of them did Not get Water.

I clicked this photograph at no less than Nagpur, a Major station, where the train stopped for nearly 45 minutes. YET many could not get their water bottles filled, because of the large number of People, and the fact that Even the few Taps that were there, did not work. You can see this Clearly in this photograph!

Water Nagpur

The tap at the front gave out No water, so Nobody is holding a bottle there! And the Indian government is speaking of running Bullet Trains!

Result: You BUY WATER. This might sound as a Simple and Excellent solution. But People who bring Beaten rice to eat on the way, exist on Green Grams, etc, sold for Rs. 10, to save money, …how many of these can afford that Water? How many got the Amount of Water that their Body Needed?


We Call the Poor Woman who sells her Body for money a Whore. She does things for which MOST of Us would Not be ready.

The Railway, has stooped to such levels.

What difference is there between a WHORE

And the (Indian) RAILWAY BOARD?


    • Thank You, my Dear Mayur! The government might want it, but it Surely does not Need time for things like these.

      There are Many solutions possible. Each train could have a Water Tanker, which can be filled at places where there is lots of water. That tanker can supply especially drinking water, even inside the trains, even while they are running.


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