Cab rides

From the Article, (Emphasis mine):

“Why don’t we wish each other like we would when we were a couple of five year olds? LOUD good mornings, BRIGHT smiles, HUGS that envelops you. Why the sullen, back to work, waiting for a weekend ones?”

Excellent, that!

wandering story teller

There are perks of landing a job, financial independence, the idea of working on a challenge, which can be frustrating as well as incredibly satisfying, prospects of meeting new people on the job and the tons of learning.

But now, I also look forward to my ride back home. Off late I’ve been commuting long distances and along with the terribly long time that it takes, safe to say it pulls all of my purse strings hence in order to be slightly economical, I’ve been taking the Ola share (This, I repeat isn’t a promotional post. Just my feelings out here and for those who don’t know what Ola is, think of it as India’s Uber that also gives you the facility of sharing your ride)

Over the course of a few weeks, I’ve met incredibly interesting people, some who light up your face like an Old man whom I…

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    • Oh, Sure, my Dear Rajiv, Cab rides can be interesting. Can. Yes. But in India, where most cabs are ‘Jeep’ ones, and the drivers, being in the ‘Driving Seat,’ neither knowing nor caring about the way the cab Jolts, and the condition of Our Indian roads, with the pot holes and the Bone Breakers, (Oh, sorry, should I say, Idiotic Speed Breakers/Brakers, cab rides ‘Can’ be interesting.

      I would say a Good Car, a Good one, mind You, driven by Ourselves, with Sufficient breaks, would be the ones.

      …You are not far off! I am near Trichy, some 35 km from the city! Hope You drop by! Regards. 🙂

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