Trying out New Themes!

My Dear Friends, am trying out New Themes. Would VERY much appreciate Your Feedback!

Induantics es

[ About the photograph, which is just for Interest(!): The Horse Rider is Induja, now perhaps in the Xth Class, all of four feet, and all that. The poor horsie is Thane Mozhy, who has been with Us for the last 15 years or so! ]

Thanks for passing by and Regards! πŸ™‚


  1. Hi Yesudas, Happy to see you made changes! I am thinking of the same if I can break away from just knowing what it all will look like and do. I love how the images are prominent on your home page because I love blogs featuring photography. I love pictures. This one also seems to allow for a lot of writing so that’s good. I think it’s a winner…keep it up! Kalisha

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    • Thanks a lot for all this, my Dear Kalish! All I know is a ‘little’ about stuff, and write it.

      It was one of my young ‘computer’ friends who had suggested that, going through my blog, he could not see what ‘else’ I was offering.

      The previous theme showed the previous post, in letters. So I thought that this one, showing many posts ‘with’ graphics,’ might be a better idea.

      This has already given me quite a few, good and positive feedbacks!

      Am not sure what You mean by: ‘seems to allow for a lot of writing.’ Would like a few more words on this!

      Much Love and Regards. Yesudas.


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